Friday, December 12, 2008

Starting a blog about Home...

I have decided, at the request of friends, to start my own decorating blog. It will be all things HOME! I'll post projects that my husband and I have done in the past, projects we are currently working on and things that we hope to do in the future! I'll post pictures from all of the houses we've lived in and share our experiences (good and bad!), so that others may learn from our mistakes and successes if they're looking to start their own DIY project! I'll also share where I get my inspiration and ideas from. I believe that a beautiful home is not defined by the price tags on its items, and that its best pieces may not have come with a price tag at all! I love to make old things new again and to use things in unexpected ways! I start to get antsy and frustrated if I haven't done something creative in a while, so needless to say, the rooms in my house get changed a lot!

Thanks for visiting and please stop by anytime!

~ Karla

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