Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Austin's Striped Bedroom...

This morning I headed over for day two of Austin's striped bedroom! These stripes were a lot of work (9 hours for the whole project), but totally worth it! I think it looks great and my client loves it, so I am thrilled!

Yesterday I painted the large, white band in throughout the middle of the room and the blue on the top and bottom of the walls. We let it dry overnight so that I could come back and tape it all up for the stripes.

First thing this morning I measured out all of my lines with the spacing that we had decided upon and then taped it up. This took about an hour total.

Then I painted over all of the seams so that none of the colored paint that I was going to be applying would seep through onto the white. Since it was only a thin layer it didn't take long for it to dry and then it was onto the yellow stripes.

I painted the first coat of the yellow and then painted the blue up to the tape line. Once I had finished that I was able to go back and put on my second coat of yellow.

Once the second coat of yellow was on I was able to take the tape from the center off. The fun part! Looking good!

I put the second coat of blue on the walls from floor to tape line and ceiling to tape line. Then I was able to rip off the rest of the tape. More fun!

The lines came out crisp and clean! The 9 hours of work included two coats of every color as well as measuring, taping, painting the seams and clean-up.


Dallin said...

That looks fantastic! So when exactly are you going to apply for "Top Design" or "the next design star"...seriously!

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I love striped walls! Just scared to do it! ;)

Patty said...

Wow Karla, that looks terrific.

Agree about taking your talents on the road...reality show here you come!!

Momovthree said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I agree, the work was work it.

Rachael said...

I came across your blog while desperately searching for ideas for my son's room. This was so perfect! We are working on it now and I'll post pictures soon. We are doing the same stripe with a slight variation in color. Seriously - this is so amazing! Thank you so for the post!!

Shandra said...

I don't know if you check your comments often or have any idea I'm leaving this, but I'd really love to know what color that blue is! It's amazing! I've been looking for a blue to go under a candy apple red chair rail in my boys' room and think this would be perfect!

mrsduston said...

I am going to use your design with a little variation--I'll be using white board paint for the white paint! So excited to do my daugthers room!