Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dutch Doors...

photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Dutch Door -
Originating in the Netherlands during the early 1600s, this unique design features top and bottom halves that operate independently. The bottom can be closed for some privacy, while the top is left open for fresh air and neighborly chats. Or, when locked together, the two sections can work as a standard door. Dutch doors were first used on front entryways and were later placed at secondary doorways to the kitchen or scullery. These doors also provided ventilation to barns and stables. Dutch doors lend a country charm to rear entrances and outbuildings such as potting sheds.

photo courtesy of Cottage Living

I am a huge fan of Dutch Doors! And I'm pretty certain that someday they will make an appearance in our home! I loved these pictures that I found and thought I would share.

photo courtesy of Coastal Living

photo courtesy of Country Home


Dallin said...

I have always loved those doors too. I always dreamed of a home with a large porch on the front and one of those doors leading from my kitchen to my backyard...a little countryish...but looks great in my head...David would never go for it. Maybe the door he would like though!

Wendy said...

I too would love to have a Dutch door.

Thanks for sharing the pics.


eburr35347 said...

I'm thinking four dutch doors. Anywhere i need a safety gate for either the cats or the grandchildren. Has anyone found a place to purchase them? I'd rather not cut existing doors.


Suzanne said...

I love these, too! I hope you get to have one one day. :)

Theresa said...

I just found your blog when I was looking for dutch doors! :) I really want one for my play room!