Friday, January 30, 2009

I am so excited!

Why, you ask?
Because today was the day that my laundry room finally became
just a laundry room!

And I am so excited about it! You see, for the past year and a half this room has been working over-time as laundry room/office/craft room/storage room, all while washing and drying laundry for a family of five. It was far too much to ask and it was failing miserably. I wanted to take a picture of the "before", but it was so bad that I couldn't even bring myself to push the button on the camera.
It was that bad!

A while back we built a desk for a client and since it was too cold in the garage I had to paint it in my bedroom, so that it would be warm enough for the paint to dry and cure. It was then that I knew it was possible to carve out some space in our master bedroom and have an "office" all for myself.
(It makes me smile just typing that!)
My husband was not on board with my idea at the time, but yesterday upon opening the laundry room door and being greeted by a seemingly never-ending pile of clothes and a washing machine and dryer covered in cardboard, wood, paint and paintbrushes, he suddenly saw the light!

He began building me a desk right away!

Here is the corner of our room as it has always been and where I am putting my new office...

Here is a mock-up! Perfect spot, right?

My hard working husband building away...

The desk was built entirely out of materials that we already had. Bonus!

I love the wood grain! I'm a sucker for knots and imperfections! The more character the better, if you ask me!

This is a bookcase that we've had for many years. It has moved with us from state-to-state, house-to-house. And now it is getting a new lease on life!

A pretty routered edge on the top...

And brand new doors built from scratch by my handy man!

We added knobs and we're designing and building a top for it, so it will be like a hutch. It will sit behind my desk and hold everything that I need!

Today I got the laundry room all cleared out and now the only thing non-laundry in there is a basket full of the kids' art supplies which used to sit on top of the fridge. I was happy to be able to find a new home for it and the laundry room held the perfect spot for it. But other than that, all you will find is laundry inspired items!

And I'm quite happy about that!

Off to paint the desk and cabinet!


DomesticDivasFancy said...

I wish my hubby would build me things!

Wendy said...

I agree with Domestic Divas, I wish my husband knew how to build things. Your husband is doing an amazing job. Can't wait to see it when he is all finished. Next time we want before and after pics. of the laundry room.

marty39 said...

What a great desk and bookcase, and your DH is so good at carpentry. I can't wait to see the finished area. Happy laundry. Hugs, Marty

Cat said...

I came here via Our Suburban Cottage. I have spent the better part of 2 hours trying to find inspiration for our master bedroom and when I saw just one of your photos on her site I knew I had found it!

I desperately wanted to do something to set our bed apart from everything, right now it's just a square box. I was thinking of a canopy, but I have a tray ceiling, much like yours only really stinking high, that would make a full canopy impossible. Your curtains give the same drama.

Also, our bedroom is poorly conceived too, not quite as bad as yours, but we are stuck with just ONE wall for our bed and I was having a hard time envisioning it creatively. The bookshelves are perfect.

Thank you so much! I will take before pics and share the afters with you, though that may take a LOOONG time :)