Saturday, January 3, 2009

It feels so.......naked!

It happens every year. The day after Thanksgiving the kids and I can't wait to start getting all of the Christmas decorations up! It takes a few days and when all is said and done the house feels extra cozy and warm and, more than anything, super festive! At some point over the next month it all goes from feeling pretty and special to cramped and cluttery. I have always waited until after New Year's to take down our decorations and lights, but this year I didn't last that long. My best friend, Kelly, even asked me what was wrong with me! I don't know. Everything came down a few days after Christmas. And just like every January, the house feels naked. But I welcome the change and look at it as a chance to make the house feel new and fresh again. There is no need to put your normal decor and art where it has always been. Look at things with a new perspective. Think outside of the box and create new spaces in your home. Rearranging is a great way to add new life to a room! And, of course, there is always paint. My favorite way to change things up!

There is one room in particular here that I'm just not satisfied with. Change is in the air! Stay tuned to see the results....

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