Thursday, February 12, 2009

Great News!

Yesterday I received this email from Mary and Pegi over at
Two Laughing Hens:

" Thank you so much for your very kind words and helping to share our products!
You inspired me to put more boards on our site and in doing so
we received our first wholesale inquiry...
so THANK YOU for helping spread the word!
Mary and Pegi

The Two Laughing Hens "

That is excellent and I am so happy for them!

And I am happy for all of us because we get to see more of their stuff! Head on over to their Etsy Shop to check out more of their Magnetic Inspirations! Oh, and they have some other really cute stuff too, so feel free to browse! I'm sure Mary and Pegi won't mind at all!

Congratulations, Ladies!


Dallin said...

They better send you one for free! Those boards are super cute!!! On another have inspired me to turn my miniature laundry room into a room I don't completely detest. I am trying to get my bathroom and living room painted this it still may not happen for a little longer...but I am tossing around ideas about what I can do...I will definitely put up some pics when I finally get to it!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Those are sooo sweet. THank-you Karla for your lovely and sweet comments. I love your blog as well! Cherry