Monday, March 23, 2009

Look At a Photo of Your Room...

...and you may be surprised by what you see.

I took this photo for the single purpose of capturing how small our little girl looks in this moment sitting up to the kitchen table...

She recently decided that she no longer needs to use her booster seat and is fully capable of sitting at the table just like her big brothers.

Of course, I see exactly what I had intended to. She's so little sitting there all alone, fully intent on eating her lunch.

But I also see what the little design-inspired voice in my head has been telling me for quite some time now...

That hutch needs a makeover!

We bought this hutch in 2000. It was one of our first "real furniture" purchases that we made after we bought our first home. I love this hutch! For sentimental reasons and because it's a great piece! Sturdy and good looking!

But I'll admit, I didn't buy it for its color. I've made it work and it has never looked bad - in fact, I still don't think that the color looks bad! I just think it could look better...

(I have to smile because I know all of you designer/DIY type's know exactly what I'm talking about!)

Here is my inspiration:

photo found on Auction Girl Vintage

How beautiful is that hutch?!
That's making its way right onto the "Someday Wish List"

photo courtesy of Country Living

This one is similar in a lot of ways to my hutch. I love the black!

photo courtesy of

Black and White = the perfect pairing
I have an affinity for black and white kitchens!

photo courtesy of

Finding those was inspiration enough, but then I remembered these:

Layla painted the inside of her hutch a spring green.
Love it!
She wrapped the black all the way around her kitchen by painting her cabinets black too.

Layla's is one of my favorite DIY kitchens!
Click here to see all of her posts on how she transformed her kitchen!
You've got to see the "before" to appreciate the "after"!

Look at this transformation:
You can see the whole makeover over at Chatting at the Sky!
She has fantastic "before and after" pictures!
Can you believe the change?
I think it looks great! it is!
I wish I could start on this project now, but it is still too darn cold out! I'll have to wait for spring, or maybe even summer for this one. I'll need lots of open windows and some warm weather.

Stay tuned though!
This one should be good!


Sarah said...

Those are gorgeous photos. I love Laylas transformations that she is doing. I also have black cabinets and have been searching daily for a hutch that I can redo. I want to paint it black. There is just something about black and white with pops of color.

Frugal Jen said...

I love black cabinets. Currently I am searching for a hutch to paint black. Can't wait to see your finished project!!

Wendy said...

If I could get over the fear of painting my kitchen cabinets black, I would do it in a heart beat.

Your hutch is going to look great.

Wendy :)

kimmcl said...

Ooooh! I love that black hutch with the Spring green background - what a great color-combo!!! I'm in a black phase myself right now. In fact, I'm writing this comment while I wait for some primer to dry so I can go paint a console table I just bought black!!! Check my blog for the before and after on this piece! ~~Kim~~

Becky said...

I can definately see what you are seeing. I love both black and cream. But then I love furniture.
A great piece of furniture looks great no matter what color.
Your cabinet will look wonderful painted black.