Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quite Near Perfection...

My "wish list" for my future kitchen is quite definitive.

Black and white is an easy way to sum it up!

I came across the following three kitchens on Rate My Space in my quest to find the
"perfect kitchen".

Click on the images for a full tour!

the first:

(check out the space above the fridge - I love it!)

the second:

(hopefully, I will have the luxury of double height cabinets)

the third:

(this one is my absolute favorite! I get excited just looking at it!)


that is quite near perfection!

I dream of...

white cabinets

black countertops

wood floors

subway tiles

lots of recessed lighting


simple, yet classic trim work

and the look of built-in's throughout

It's fun to dream about the future!

Of course, there's always Candice to help me through my day dreams...

She's got the "WOW factor" down pat!

Check out more real-life kitchens over at RMS!

What do your "kitchen dreams" look like?


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

We just redid our kitchen in black and white-love it! Black granite with white cabinets is so classic! We didn't do wood floors, though, instead we have 1940s black and white mosaic tile.

M @ Therapy By Decorating said...

I have the same dream!!! I love white kitchen's... they look so clean and refreshing!


marty39 said...

Oh, they are all so lovely. I would be thrilled with any one of them. However, I would really like black cabinets on bottom and white on top with cabinets all they way to the ceiling and tons of molding and granite along with some fabulous appliances. My dreams are pretty big too. I hope your dreams come true. Hugs, Marty

marty39 said...

I forgot. Check out my post and tell me what you think about a Cloche Party. Thanks, Marty

Karla said...

Marty - I love that look too! Oh if only we could have more than one kitchen to makeover... :) I hope your dreams come true, too!

Cheryl - I'll have to check out your blog and see your pics! :)

M - I could not agree more! :)

Thanks for visiting! XO


AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Great kitchens! I love it when I find great rooms like that on RMS.

kimmcl said...

Candice is my favorite of all HGTV designers. She just blows me away every time. I believe you and I have similar taste. I have a white kitchen with brown/black countertops - although on a much smaller scale than the pix you showed. Those were amazing!

RN and OSHP said...

Oh how I LOVE Candice! Her lighting is always so good in every space she designs. Even when I am not crazy about a certain style I alwyas love her lighting!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I'm in love with a couple of those kitchens. ;)

Sue said...

YES! YES!YES! no I'm not looking at a movie! LOL

I just renovated a very small kitchen and did it black and white...black slate flowers, black couters and found a great small mini tile for one accent wall behind the sink. It's teeney but I love it and loved the design process which took our old cupboard space and doubled it..YEAH!
I think the first picture is my fav. I would go B&W all over again!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Thats my kitchen! Thanks so much. Definitely not as fancy or huge as Candaces or the other Rate my Space finds but I do love it.

Anna See said...

It looks as if you and I have the exact same idea file. Drooling with you over these kitchens!

Shannon said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I had to laugh when I found this post, yesterday I made my dream kitchen list and had just about the same list as yours. I was also on rate my space and selected several of those kitchens as my favorites!! I have a 1970's functional, DARK kitchen with a ton of florescent lighting. I thought if I made the list and kept it laying around the house, maybe dh would pick up on my hints!

Anyways, have a great day and keep up the great blog!


Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

Oh, I found this too late! I just did a post about my dream home and included some white cabinets for the kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration!!!