Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Few Answers To Your Questions About My Gift Wrapped Cabinets...

First I would like to say, thank you for all of your kind comments about my failure-turned-triumph cabinets. You all are the best cheerleaders I know!

There were a few questions that were asked about them, so I wanted to give you my answers and, hopefully, help you achieve the same look.


How did you cover up the holes where you took off the doors?


Actually, we didn't. You can see on the left side of this photo that there are holes in the frame of the cabinet...but they aren't from the doors. Those are from the screws that are holding the side-by-side cabinets together. The holes from the doors are tiny. You can't even see them unless you are really looking for them. But, regardless...we haven't felt the need to fill in any of the holes. We haven't noticed them and we don't think anyone else has either. Your eye is drawn to the inside of the cabinet, not the frame. If it ever becomes an issue, it would be easy enough to fill them in with wood plugs.


Did you have a vertical piece down the center of the cabinet (where the two doors met when closed) and how did you remove it?

~ Melissa

Fortunately, all of our cabinets are wide open, so we didn't have to deal with the issue of getting around a center support. However, we have lived in houses where the cabinets had a center support running just down the front of them, so I know what you are talking about. I guess the question would be whether or not that support is necessary to maintain the integrity of the cabinet. Once you figure that out, go from there. I imagine it will involve a saw and a little bit of sawdust!


Did you paint the center shelf white?

~ mnotaro

I did not. With the exception of our glass door cabinets, all of our shelving in our kitchen is white. I, personally, love that inside our cabinets it is bright white (it worked out perfectly for this project), but the down side is that they aren't real wood. Much to Will's dismay they are just press board covered in white contact paper. If you do have wood shelving in your cabinet, white contact paper would be a great option instead of painting them!


About how much does a roll cost and how much paper do you get?

~ Barbara

It cost less than $4.oo and was a standard Hallmark roll. You can read more about it and watch a video clip here.

(Not bad, huh? A $4.00 makeover!)


Did you use the circle wrap for a gift?

~ Kimm

Not yet, but I am saving it! It will definitely be reused!


(I think this has been my favorite comment on this post, so far. Only because of the reaction that it caused in me. What, at first, seemed like someone taking time out of their day just to insult my room - why would someone put forth that kind of effort anyway-, turned out to be a very nice compliment. No need for ruffled feathers after all!)

Ok, this has nothing to do with the cupboards (but, I do think they look great!).

I do not like blue walls. I just have this thing about blue.

BUT oh my goodness I LOVE the color of your walls! It's like a pale Tiffany blue. Do you know the color that was used?

~ Kerry Lee

Too funny!

The color in our kitchen and family room is my favorite color to use in our home. It is:

Benjamin Moore - Wedgewood Gray #HC-146

I'm glad you found a blue that you like!


If you want to change it out, how hard will it be to remove?

~ Elizabeth

The adhesive is just tacky enough to stick. In fact, I'm not sure how long the initial level of stickiness lasts, but I'm hoping that if it loses some of it, that my three shelves will be enough to hold up the paper. I think it will be fine. So far so good. But the paper was fully repositionable when I put it up, so taking it down for a change-up will be a breeze!

If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to tell you what I know!


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L. Sloan said...

I like your redesigned blog-don't know what else you have planned but looks good!

Denise said...

I am a new follower and have really enjoyed the visit. You have the perfect mix of photos, ideas, and writing. I'll be back because it just felt good!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved this post.....and love the cabinets....

LuLu said...

Oh it looks so good!!!!! What a fantastic look!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I love your blog's new look! :) AND your cabinet looks great, and I love the paper you put inside of it, too! :) I hope you are having a good week!

Shannon said...

I DID IT!! I haven't posted pictures yet because there are a few more things I want to do in my kitchen, but you will be so proud :o) I didn't get the same print as you (even though it is GORGEOUS in person) because unfortunately, it doesn't match my kitchen decor. BUT, Hallmark did have the PERFECT print for my kitchen! I was so excited when I found it! I'll be sure to link back to you when I finish up and get a post. Thanks again for the inspiration!!

live in the moment said...

I love this idea!!!! However, I am not able to find adhesive paper that will work w/ our decor. I was thinking about using an Amy Butler fabric. I'm sure you're super busy and may not be able to help but, I thought I'd see what you think of that idea and if you think it would work! Thanks for the inspiration!

Rebecca said...

Love the idea of using adhesive paper on your cabinets! I'm going to try this on the cabinet above my desk! :) Love your blog!! :)