Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Here!

And just like that, summer has arrived in the Puget Sound!

Check out the forecast:






90! Seriously - 90!!

That's hot for here! And without air conditioning we're more likely to be miserable than happy, but I'm way too excited to worry about that now!

The kiddie pools are filled, we have enough sunscreen for everyone and the freezer is stocked with popsicles!

Today, I have a date with the kids in the backyard.

It's time to play...

P.S. I wanted to say "Thank You" to those of you that commented about my paint mixing dilemma. You made me feel so much better about leaping in and doing it! So, thanks to you, that will be happening sooner than later! Now I just have to decide which colors to mix.



Simply LKJ said...

Enjoy the day with your kiddos! We actually got a nice batch of cooler temps for the past few days (if you call mid to high 80s cool). We've had many a 90 degree days lately, not sure what August will bring.
Can't wait to see what colors you choose for the wall. Good luck!

Alee said...

Enjoy that weather!!

Mama Thompson said...

Yeah for Seattle for finally getting on board with Summer...enjoy!

~~Deby said...

hooray for us Puget sounders...the sunshine is already glorious this morning..I can't wait..I do have ac in my house but I am in no hurry to turn it on...just opened up and letting the sun shine in...LOVE IT...love it..

Hirondelle Rustique said...

Yay finally! I woke up to the sunshine and just had to stand outside for a while enjoying it :)

Tracy said...

You are so lucky! I think I am pushing to move to the Pacific NW! It is 100 and very humid today in MA (weather says it feels like 103...I say 150!) The rest of the week is high 90s...ick! thank goodness for AC. enjoy your day outside with the kiddos...we are inside staying cool!

Rach said...

Its been very hot and humid here in Kansas City. Stay cool!!

Heather said...

Wow! A high of 90 must be nice. I live in south eastern PA, and the temp right now is 101! I could never make it without the a/c...and a pool or two! Have fun with the kids!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Seriously, isn't it about time?!?!?! Living just down the road from you I was starting to wonder if summer simply wasn't going to make a showing this year. Enjoy! Janell

Margitta said...

90 sounds wonderful! Here on the norwegian westcoast we are happy with everything over 70... :)

Melanie said...

I am from the south and 100 degrees is normal for us. We just moved to Cincy and they are having 90 degrees and I love it. Enjoy your nice weather.

Diane at Perfectly Imperfect Life said...

I vowed I wouldn't complain when the sun finally came to the NW and I won't because it's beautiful.

I will just wonder, though, why we decided to have bark delivered this weekend, the hottest weekend of the year when we had so many much cooler weekends before?

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I'm seriously jealous of the weather...we have been in the mid to high 90's for weeks now. Though I still love summer!!

Becca said...

Like our local news guys always say, "Summer always starts on July 5th." This year is no different. Although, I am feeling the cool down tonight.