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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Austin's Striped Bedroom...

This morning I headed over for day two of Austin's striped bedroom! These stripes were a lot of work (9 hours for the whole project), but totally worth it! I think it looks great and my client loves it, so I am thrilled!

Yesterday I painted the large, white band in throughout the middle of the room and the blue on the top and bottom of the walls. We let it dry overnight so that I could come back and tape it all up for the stripes.

First thing this morning I measured out all of my lines with the spacing that we had decided upon and then taped it up. This took about an hour total.

Then I painted over all of the seams so that none of the colored paint that I was going to be applying would seep through onto the white. Since it was only a thin layer it didn't take long for it to dry and then it was onto the yellow stripes.

I painted the first coat of the yellow and then painted the blue up to the tape line. Once I had finished that I was able to go back and put on my second coat of yellow.

Once the second coat of yellow was on I was able to take the tape from the center off. The fun part! Looking good!

I put the second coat of blue on the walls from floor to tape line and ceiling to tape line. Then I was able to rip off the rest of the tape. More fun!

The lines came out crisp and clean! The 9 hours of work included two coats of every color as well as measuring, taping, painting the seams and clean-up.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making the most of cabin fever...

All of this snow has given me a severe case of cabin fever! So if I'm going to be stuck at home for days on end, I might as well make the most of it. It was time for the boys' bedroom to get a makeover anyway!

I added the darker, horizontal stripes to the top of the wall using paint that I already had from a different project. I painted the bottom of the wall using the left-over paint from our master bedroom. I switched out the curtains from heavy denim to this lighter, buttery yellow. I had used them in the playroom of our previous house. I like how they look - they tie in with other things in the room that have yellow in them (sheets, quilts, art, etc.), but I really want to try red curtains! I think the warmth of the red will look great with the cool, steely blue on the walls. I think I'll get them at an after-Christmas sale!

Their room had been a shade of pale blue on top and a pale, celery green on the bottom. We added the distressed, white washed chair rail about a year ago. This room previously belonged to their sister (before I switched their rooms) and the top was pale pink with white polka-dots where the chair rail was. So the green was something that I just made work for the boys' room. It was never truly planned for them. I had been thinking about changing up their room for a while and wanted a look that was a little more grown-up, not so little boyish. I think that was definitely accomplished by adding the darker grayish blue tones. All of their "decor" (Transformers and Bionicles) look much better in this room now! And the best part of this makeover.....I didn't have to spend a penny to make it happen! I only used things I already had. Nice!

I wonder how long all of this snow is going to stick around?

Friday, December 12, 2008


I haven't been happy with our "hallway" for a while. I put hallway in quotes because technically it's probably not a hallway at all. It's more like a small path leading from one area to the next. that the definition of hallway? I'll have to look into that.

Anyway...I decided that stripes were exactly what this space needed! Something to liven it up! This is a kids' space! Backpacks, coats, hats and lunch bags are hung in this area so whether we are coming or going this space is always visited by three little one's. So, I tested different colors. A darker shade of our existing wall color, a light shade of blue, and white...

I decided to go with the darker shade of our current wall color. I didn't want it to feel too circus-like. So, with ruler, level, and pencil in hand, I measured and taped off my stripes. I'm not going to lie to you, this was A LOT of work!!


But once that part was done it was pretty straight forward...

I sealed the seams of the tape with the current wall color so that the new color would not leak out. I'm super picky about having a perfectly straight line! Then I started to paint the new stripes...

All finished! Just waiting for the paint to dry...

I hung all of the kids' photos back where I originally had them and am very pleased with the result! It added just the right amount of fun to this very small, but very used space!