Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Progress Report - Framing the Coop...

We got quite a bit accomplished yesterday and the coop is looking good!

We ended up making a couple of modifications to our final plan once the 2x4's were in place.
Since we designed this little house ourselves, it is much easier to see how it will work when we're dealing with the actual structure, versus a drawing.

We've decided to use one of my old windows. It was most recently hanging in Ellison's room, but I love the rustic charm that it adds to the coop, so here it will stay!

And there's the carpenter himself...

He's going to hate it that I included this pic!
But, I'm the blogger, so I choose the pics, right?

Today is all about putting up the OSB on the inside, exterior siding on the outside, and stabilizing the roof. We'll see how far he gets. We've still got quite a ways to go before it's finished, but I'm thrilled with how it looks so far!

Yesterday was beautiful so he was able to set up in the driveway, but today is rainy and grey which creates a less-than-ideal situation. A buddy of his is coming over to help and I'm hoping they will be able to achieve all of the above and then some!

Unfortunately, I won't be here. I am off to paint my parents master bedroom and bath.
Can't wait to see what the coop looks like when I get back!

Have a great day, everyone!


kathi said...

This looks great! You have a terrific carpenter there! Hope the weather clears up so he can continue! Can't wait to see the little chickies!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

It's looking good!!

Sherry @ This Young House said...

You are seriously realizing my dream with this chicken coop project. I've been begging and pleading with John to let me have some chickens (we already have a chicken wire coop behind the garage that's 50 years old and still would work!) and he keeps raining on my fresh egg parade. I'm so excited to see how it all turns out... and use your success as leverage!


Becky said...

It is looking awesome and I know you are thrilled. What a good daughter you are too. I am sure that your parents appreciate you! I know I would appreciate a painting child!

Maya said...

Wow..., you seem to have so much fun with this..., love the window!

Jill said...

You guys make this look so easy. Love the window! :)

A Slice of Drywall said...

This is looking awesome!!! Makes me wish I had the room to do the same. Fresh eggs are going to be the best!!!!