Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day...

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial day!

May your day be filled with relaxation, rest, friends, family and fun!

But most of all,
may you remember on this day,
all of those who have served our country,
those who are currently serving,
and those who have made the

ultimate sacrifice

to give us our freedom!

Remember to honor what this day of remembrance is truly about!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Jill said...

Well said KS.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Good post! I chatted with my oldest about Memorial Day this morning. :) She wanted to know if Elmo has a video about Memorial Day...???!

Mary Contrary said...

Nice Post! I am remembering a cute little guy who liked to play pranks, baseball and basketball with my son, and football in high school with my daughter and son. He was from small town America, the oldest of four boys from a wonderful family. He was killed in Mosul, Iraq by a snipers bullet. I honor him and the sacrifices he and his family made. Because of brave people like this, we and others around the world enjoy freedom. Thank you PFC Jason G. Wright!

Holly said...

Hi Karla. I've newly discovered your blog and there's an award for you at my blog!