Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now This Is My Kind Of Camping...

This doesn't come anywhere close to the image that comes to mind when I close my eyes and envision my family on a camping trip, but if somehow I could make it look like this, it would be the perfect camping trip...


I stumbled upon these Canvas Cabins while trying to plan a Father's Day/Birthday camping trip that we're taking on the 20th. Sadly, this is not where we will end up, but you can bet I'll be keeping this in the file and making it happen eventually!

You can stay in these luxury tents at Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes in the beautiful San Juan Islands.

Have you ever heard of Glamping?

I had not, but I am all for it!

Ditch the Sleeping Bag and Go Glamping
--Glamorous Camping on San Juan Island

If you love being in the woods but pitching a tent is not for you, consider an upscale, unique camping experience in our custom-built canvas cabins. Strung like pearls lakeside, each 225 sq. ft. canvas cabin features one queen bed with pillow-top bedding, cotton sheets, pillows and a flannel duvet, a table and four chairs, a cordless lantern, storage, and bath linens.

Seriously - pillow top bedding while "camping"...sign me up!

And how great is this?

They also have

Glamping Survival Kits

Shopping is a must in Friday Harbor. The area is famous for its art galleries, antique shops, bookstores, and charming boutiques. To experience the beauty of the nearby islands, walk, drive, or ride a bike on the inter-island ferry.

So I'm ready to sign up with my girlfriends for a night away!
But since I am supposed to be planning a family camping trip, I need to stay focused. Lucky for me, they also have regular pitch-a-tent-and-make-a-fire campsites available.

You can head down to the dock and set out on a row boat, paddle boat or canoe as well as fish in the lake (the boys would love that!)...

...follow the trails on your bike or by foot...

...and make your way to the General Store where you will find fresh hot coffee and espresso, groceries, wine, beer, camping and fishing gear, bait, ice, and wood, as well as their new Grab 'n Go Gourmet!

You can also rent a vintage 31-foot 1978 Airstream Sovereign to stay in!Tucked into magnificent pine trees lakeside with a private deck (fluffing it vs. roughing it). “Camp” in true Airstream style with Lakedale travel coffee mugs, hot cocoa, and a harmonica for some music ‘round the campfire.

How fun would that be?

Like I said, I'll be keeping this in mind for a future trip!

I think this time we are going to head to Kalaloch near Forks, WA.

(I wonder how many comments I'll get just from saying that!)

Ok, off to do more camping research!


Mimi said...

My name is Jamie--aka--mimi, I live in Gilbert, AZ,I have been to the Emerald City(Washington State) twice!! I loved it!!! We stayed 1 night in Friday Harbor at a Quaint Bed and Breakfast, we flew into Friday Harbor to make our Whale watch appt. and then took the ferry onto Victoria the next day!!! Took the ferry back to Wash. from Victoria, what a fun and relaxing way to travel!!! I would love to come back and do that camping thing!!! It looks like my kind of camping too!!! As for FORKS----I'm 51 and am a true TWILIGHT FAN!!!!!!My sister lives in Silverdale, WA, and she keeps trying to get me to come up for a visit!! I babysit my Granddaughter 3 days a week, so short trips are all I can do now!!!!
Love your blog--check mine out at:
love to write and read other blogs from other cities and states!!!!
My goal in life was to get to all 50 states before I turned 50 and I DID it!!!!! Michigan was state number 50 and my sister and brother live in Chicago!!!
Have a Blessed day!!

Terry said...

Oh how beatuiful.
Thank you for all the photos they are awesome.
Have a wonderful happy summer.
Blessings of joy to you all.
Happy Trails

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

I have to agree with you. That is my kind of camping! Now if only they could guarantee no mosquitos. ;)
Yeah, and I had to lol at the Forks, WA thing. ;)
I would probably go just for that, but I have heard that it's disappointing if you expect Swan/Cullen reality.
V. from V. and Co. sent her hubby with a camera. She was a little upset with the results. Tee hee!
I'm sure your trip will be wonderful, even if you are not glamping.

Kelli said...

I've never wanted to go camping until now. Those look so nice! Have fun on your trip. I'm Kelli...can't remember if I've commented before.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You almost had me at "Forks". ;) If it involves a tent, it's not for me. I would, however, enjoy the vintage trailer. That might be fun! :)

Astrid said...

My family lives in Washington...we love visiting the San Juan Islands. I could live there! We've gone kayaking and gone on a whale watching tour (the latter with very small kids). We've done lots of camping in Washington- especially around the Olympic Peninsula. My favorite place of all (in WA) is Sol Duc Hot springs- especially for camping. We stopped at Kalaloch Lodge to grab a bite to eat and we camped out overnight there. How I wish I lived closer!

Rebekah said...

Pretty swanky. For me, though, the ultimate in camping has to be Meryl Streep and Robert Redford out on the savannah in "Out of Africa." The phonograph, snow-white starched linens, washbasin for romantic shampoos...

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

That sounds great! I'm not a total outdoor girl but these pics are making me want to go! We camp at my parents RV but it has A/C and a kitchen and bathroom. Not exactly camping but it's perfect for me. :)

AngieDphotography said...

That looks amazing!!!

Sarah said...

We're going to Lakedale on Saturday for a week. Some of us are camping and the others are doing the canvas cabins. We'll let you know how it goes. Kalaloch is a lot of fun too. Great campground and fun beaches nearby (especially Ruby Beach)

fourlittleloves said...

WOW is all I have to say!!! You have an amazing blog! I seriously cant wait to dig deeper and read more about you have done!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the re-do of the head and footboards!!! Came here from 320 Sycamore...So glad I did!! Feel free to come and check out my blog at www.thechildrensnest.blogspot.com! Hope you have a great day creating!!! Take care...

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I've been following, anonymously, for awhile. Your Site here is so delightful. I sure appreciated the scalloped wall tutorial. That room is absolutely delicious.
Just for fun, you may want to see our version of girly, girl walls. It's in my archives under Sara's Room Makeover. We stenciled huge grey damask designs on her frenchy pink walls. Yum! : )

Karla said...

Jamie - Way to have a goal and make it happen! Good for you! :) Your time spent in Friday Harbor sounds wonderful!

Astrid - I'm going to check out info for Sol Duc Hot Springs right now! My husband had heard of it before, but has never been. Thanks for all of the info!

Sarah - let me know how Lakedale is! I think it will be easier to convince my husband to head up there if I have a recommendation from someone who has actually been there! Have a great time!!

Tiffany - Thank you!! :) I will be sure to check out your blog!

Oh - and thanks to the Twilight fans for commenting! :)

Thanks for visiting, everyone!