Monday, August 24, 2009

We Are Mid-Chaos...

At least...I hope so.

I don't think it could get any more dusty, or smelly, or un-organized than this house is right now.

You all warned me about the dust. And I believed you!

But I had no idea that it would be as bad as it is.

It's definitely one of those situations where you can't fully appreciate what it's all about, until you are in it. And right now, we are in it!


it's all gonna' be worth it!

Let me catch you up on what we've done:

Will finished what was left of the mudding process (many coats later) this morning.

That's when the sanding began.

Fortunately, the kids and I weren't here for that part. With only one week before school starts, I could no longer put off going shopping for their school clothes.
(I know - what a procrastinator, right?)

When we got back home, the sanding had just been completed. Will had vacuumed the carpets and was just finishing mopping the hardwood floors. Not only could I not tell that he had cleaned (because of the layer of white on every piece of furniture we own, throughout the entire house - you think I'm joking, don't you?), but he was covered from head to toe in a thick layer of super-fine, white dust.
I wish I had snapped a picture of him!
The boys could barely look at him - it was pretty scary.

After a quick shower for Will, and lunch for everyone, we started in on the spray texture...

I have only one thought when it comes to that:


It stinks. Badly. We had to leave the house it was so bad. As in, it makes you feel sick, it's so nasty!

I'm not sure what I was expecting it to be like, but I guess...not like that.

In the end, we got it done and it turned out well...

I ended up putting a coat of paint on the new sections of the wall a couple of hours ago, but I'll be giving the whole room a fresh coat or two. Hopefully tomorrow!

We spent a couple of hours at Lowe's today (trying to avoid the nasty fumes at home) and while we were there we picked up what has become the solution to the interior walls of the new playroom.

When the house was built, the builder put up chair rail, baseboards and wall frames throughout the entryway, hallway, dining room and living room. We knew that we were going to have to find the exact molding that the builder used to extend the moldings onto the new walls that we built. We hoped that we would be able to find it, but weren't surprised when we couldn't find anything that matched. Our only option was to remove the molding from the interior of the dining room to use on the new exterior walls in the entryway and hallway.

So today, Will took down all of the molding inside the room...

Luckily, it came off beautifully, so using it for the new walls in the entryway and hallway will work perfectly!

I had a few ideas floating around as options to deal with the walls inside the room. As always, Will is never on board from the get-go when I present an idea, but he's going along with the plan that I think will be the best!

We're going to work on it as long as we can tonight (running out of energy will be the only thing stopping me) and I'll take photos in the morning and show you our progress and solution to the problem. I know it's going to be great! And much better for our family instead of the formal looking wainscoting that used to fill the room...

Will just got back from Lowe's, picking up a few more supplies that we needed.

Time to get to work!

On second thought, maybe I'll make a pot of coffee first.

This could turn into a very late night...


Dallin said...

I am loving this makeover and I so wish that I had such a room for lil just amaze me. Keep the pics fun to watch the transformation! The trip in October is looking like it will be a go...just watching plane tickets to see if I can spend less then $200 on a flight. Also, I think that Saturday (24th) will probably be best for everyone (seemed friday was a hard day)...and I am willing to leave my fam for a bit to see everyone. I will let you know when my ticket is purchased....not that you couldn't have the gathering without me:) Hope to see you in October...and yes, I think I will invite myself over to see the new room in person! Oh...and I need you too look at something at my mom's house to see if Will could possibly build something for her....this is a long enough comment...I will email you about it later!

love ya...T

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Oh yes, this is were it gets ugly!

Your post reminds me of the day I came home with the kids while our kitchen cabinetry was being painted...I knew it wasn't good when I saw a man coming out of the house in a plastic suit and gas mask. We decided it was a good time for an unplanned mini vacation and off we went to a hotel for a few days! (It was bad!)

Hang in there! Janell

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

The room is like a butterfly in a chrysalis...all the sanding and dust is really ugly for awhile and then it will become beautiful. :) You all are doing great!

cottagewish said...

That white dust gets everywhere! No matter what you tape off. I just spent the weekend sanding the room I am working on and I can feel your pain.

I am enjoying watching the progress of your transformation. I'm sure your new wall treatment will be fabulous.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see! I'm very keen on this makeover and I check back every day to see what new things you've done. :)

Chris said...

I am having so much fun watching this transformation! I can't wait to see what wall treatment you use. It's coming along beautifully!

pkzcass said...

I am loving this whole transformation and am in awe of what you are accomplishing. I can't wait to see the finished project!

What will you do for a dining room now? I know you said you only used it on holidays, but what will you do now? And where will the DR furniture go?

Lori E said...

Oh the dust. It gets into the vents and continually finds its way into the rest of the house.
I hope he wore a mask.

Candle Anne said...

The multiple trips to Lowes in one day sounds exactly like every project I take on. Even the smallest project where I believe I can't possibly have forgotten anything will still have me returning to that store at least once.

Tracey said...

It'll all be worth it...looks great so far!!!

:) T